Youth Dhamma Family (YDF)

 The group of young generation, an energetic group of people involving at social welfare and doing volunteer is defined as  ‘YDF’, propounded by Dhamma School. YDF starts with “Youth” and ends with “Family”. So, we can easily say ‘YDF’ stands for “Youth Dhamma Family”. The main motto of YDF is “Youth for Social Responsibility”. It has been conducting different social activities every year, on Baisakh at Mother’s Day. It is donating drinking water Juice to pilgrimage. Like that, it has been doing work for many other religious festivals like, Buddha Jayanti, Mahaparitran, Kathina Robe Ceremony etc. It has been doing sanitation in nearly village also. Every year ‘YDF’ is involving with child orphanage also.On that time, what can they afford to give, they are donating to orphans as their needs and wants.

With the slogan of “Our Culture Our Pride” it has been organizing ‘Deusi Bhailo” programme on Tihar every year. From the collected money, they used to separate for social work also. Except these all, ‘YDF’ is working as a teacher of Personality Development, Pariyatti Shikshya and Practical education too. From the all over, we can know that not only at Buddhism sector but in other religion sector also ‘YDF’ has been volunteering together.

We have Pariyatti (Buddhist Saturday teaching School) class for children to adults in the Vihar. We also have been providing various activities and classes to the students that helps them to increase their will power as well as self confidence. Besides these all, Monk trainings, Buddhist library, Buddhist mini-museum are also part of the plan.