Children are the future of the nation. If the children are provided good and nice environment then only the nation can develop. Some children are born with hidden talent and some might not be.
Children born with hidden talents gets lots of desires and also the capability. And, if we are able to find their hidden talents then they can be the great person in their future that may help to develop themselves, families, societies and also the entire nation.

However, sometime these kinds of children couldn’t fulfill their dreams and desires though they have physical and mental ability just because of weak economic. Even, lack of economic they could not continue their education. Moreover, due to lack of economic they will not be able to bring their desires out freely.
Due to the poor economic condition in family, also they won’t be able to continue their study and quits in between. As they could not continue their study, they start working for the income as we can say they forced for child labor . As a result, their future would go towards darkness and also the child labor, child abuse activities gets increase.

EBF Nepal is that organization that has been providing various activities like moral education, scholarships for the children’s bright future. EBF is providing scholarships to those children’s who are deprived of education due to their poor economic condition though they have great desire for study.
EBF has tried best to relief their economic condition somehow to those students who are weak economically but good in their study. For which, there won’t be hamper in their study also, the parents having weak economy won’t feel their children as a burden.

Looking at these problems, since past few years, EBF has been providing scholarships to those children’s having weak economic condition and are good in their study. Due to which till the date many such children’s having poor economic conditions are studying . So, if anyone of you wanted to help with kind heart for those children’s can directly contact us.