Pariyatti Education

Youth are the pillar of the nation. Today’s children and youth lead the future of the nation. So, if we could provide Pariyatti Education as the moral education to these children from today then we could bring peace in the nation. If we could even change their behaviors and thinking, also it would our great achievement. Therefore, we have been providing the knowledge of the Pariyatti education to the students continuously since past several years whatever situations we had to face.

Firstly, in the initiation of Ven. Piyadassi at 2075 the pariyatti education was started in this Bihar. After that in the name of Ehipassika Boudha Pariyatti Kendra it has been registered in Nepal Boudha Pariyatti Kendra. In this, there is a good support of the devotees.

Currently, Pariyatti Education is being conducting in the observation of subcommittee members that formed under the supervision of Bihar members.
At the beginning, years there were 25-30 students that came to study regularly. We have felt that due to the lack of proper classroom, benches, and also the stationery the students were irregular. Even though, we are trying our best to manage the infrastructures.
And now, we have 50-60 regular students in our Pariyatti school. In our Pariyatti the class runs up to grade 8 and there are 5 regular teachers. Among them, some teachers are our senior students of Pariyatti.

Despite of Pariyatti education we also provide some extra activities on every first Saturday of the month, which even helped students lot in many ways to bring their talents in front of the society .
We even have managed some snacks to all the Pariyatti students. Moreover, we also like to inform you that the students are actively participated in every work organized by Bihar.